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The 3-reel machine: the most generous of all?

At least, the most classic. Most of us have long considered this to be the case. At least, we are firmly convinced that with a 3-reel machine, the probability is higher than with a 5-reel machine – logically, the more symbols there are, the more possible combinations there are.

Let’s take a simple example. We have a 3 reel machine with 20 symbols on each reel – that’s 1 chance in 8,000 of winning. Let’s use the same number of symbols on each reel, but this time with a 5-reel machine. The probability increases from 1 in 8,000 to 1 in 3.2 million. By the way, the number of symbols on a reel varies from one machine to another. Obviously, the probability depends on the total number of symbols. So why choose machines with lower probabilities? Because if it is rarer, the jackpot is also bigger – again, logical!

However, for the more curious amongst you, the further you get into the 5 reel slot period, the more you’ll see the 3 reels gradually mutate into a technology monster packed with functionality… The other aspect we like is the obvious retro feel with the cherry items, fruit in general and the famous “BAR” which should have you on the edge of your seat when lined up in threes. Advantage or disadvantage, the three-reel slots take a long time to reveal themselves. You have to know how to play, be patient, these are machines that were geared more towards high roller than mainstream.

5-reel online slots

This is the ‘new’ standard in online slot rooms. You’ll see that in our casino selection, they hold a major place alongside table games, although the relatively recent arrival of live casino is reshuffling the deck. Going from three reels to five is not just about adding two more reels. The gaming experience is quite different. Technological developments allow for more powerful algorithms and therefore much greater gaming possibilities. The development of features is impressive. The progression of graphics with the arrival of 3D allows game publishers to be as creative as they want. Slot machines are on a par with video games. Animations, cinematography, treasure boxes with mini-games inside. All this debauchery and profusion comes at a cost. It is the cost of simplicity. Sometimes looking at the pay table will leave you scratching your head. There are many options, such as auto-play which automatically plays for you. The other evolution that has been a revolution is all the features. The features have even become indispensable tools for the players: Free spin, Wild, scatter, bonus game and so on. In addition, the slot machines are now themed. You will even find tributes to all that has an audience in popular culture. That is, you won’t get a Caravaggio slot, but you will get a Walking Dead or Sons of Anarchy slot. Add to that, progressive jackpots.

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